eekels pompen historie

Your partner for pump solutions for more than 100 years

Based on more than 100 years of experience and passion for our trade, we supply exactly the right pump solutions to the public sector, the construction industry and general industry. The story of Eekels Pompen starts in 1914, when A.F. Eekels opened his company called Technisch Bureau en Machinehandel A.F. Eekels in the town of Weert in the Netherlands. The company has relocated twice over the years: from Weert to Amsterdam first, followed by a subsequent move from Amsterdam to Barendrecht. The company’s head office is still located there today.

It goes without saying that Eekels has overcome or initiated a great many changes during the past century. The company’ market-oriented approach has stood the test of time though, along with the original core values which are still typical of Eekels today: expertise, quality, custom solutions, flexibility and service. These have helped Eekels become an internationally active company with its own branches in Belgium and the Netherlands.

1914: Eekels is founded

Eekels was founded in Weert in 1914. Customers who purchased a pump from us also received instructions on how to achieve full operating efficiency. Even in those early days, we went to great lengths to be helpful and offer excellent service.

1938: Earthmoving

In 1938, the earthmoving department at Eekels started to offer Boomse draglines, Insley excavators and other equipment for hire. Customers gladly availed themselves of this opportunity, which included specialised machine operators.

1951: Amsterdam branch opens

The company moved into the building in Amsterdam in 1951. A compressor department and a hydraulics department were formed during the years that followed.

1971: Barendrecht branch opens

The branch in Barendrecht opened in 1971. This branch only offered pumps for hire. Barendrecht was also an excellent strategic choice due to its favourable geographical location relative to the Rotterdam port area.

1976: Acquisition of Sykes (BE)

In 1976, Eekels acquired the Belgian activities of Sykes, which operated two branches at the time; one in Antwerp and one in Deinze.

1977: Bremen (DE) branch opens

We opened our branch in Bremen in 1977. It was thought that many construction companies would expand their operations abroad, with a primary focus on Germany. In the mid-1980s, growth slowed to almost zero and the branch was sold to a German company called Pollman.

1988: Head office moves to Barendrecht

In 1988, the company’s head office relocated to Barendrecht where the majority of construction contractors had their headquarters. Eekels expanded strongly at this location. In 1989, the turnover in Barendrecht doubled relative to the previous year.

1995: New building in Barendrecht

Eekels relocated to a new, well equipped building with a spacious yard in Barendrecht in 1995.

2000: Managing Director F.A. Eekels retires

The company’s managing director, drs. F.A. Eekels, the founder’s grandson, retired from the company at an advanced age in the year 2000.

2014: Eekels Pompen celebrates its 100th anniversary

The company celebrated its 100 anniversary in 2014. Eekels was also granted the right to add ‘Royal’ (Koninklijk) to its name.

2015: Acquisition by Eekels Investment

Eekels Pompen was acquired by investment company Eekels Investment in 2015. This marks the start of a new phase. With fresh capital, a clear vision and an experienced team, Eekels is now much better able to respond to market needs.