Safety & Certification

certificering veiligheid eekels pompen

SCC** certification

Safety in the workplace and out in the field is an essential requirement. Eekels has been SCC* certified for several years in order to guarantee safety for our own employees and customer employees. This certification was upgraded to SCC** level in 2011. As a result, we have increasingly tightened up our safety standards, we identify risks at an early stage and we succeed more effectively in preventing accidents. Each manager/supervisor at Eekels is SOS-SCC certified. Furthermore, we operate a zero job-related accident policy and always perform preventive checks in our work environment.

ISO certification

Eekels, like the branch in Zele (Belgium), is ISO certified following successful completion of the ISO 9001:2008 certification process in October 2013. The ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management has been the accepted international model for quality assurance and quality management for decades. By achieving compliance with ISO 9001:2008, Eekels demonstrates that it satisfies the strict international requirements in this area.

Personal protection

Our technicians have all the required personal protective equipment at their disposal. If necessary, they can also arrange a course of vaccinations for a wide range of diseases and they are extremely well-informed on how to protect health and ensure safety.

Product safety

Obviously, our focus on safety also includes the products we sell, offer for hire and maintain. Based on years of experience, we have developed effective procedures to identify and control risks, make our products safe and carry out our work safely.

Care for the environment

Products are frequently used in vulnerable natural environments. So care for the environment – including preventing environmental pollution – is an area of primary focus. Our internal Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system sets out strict rules and criteria relating to environmental aspects and storing and handling hazardous chemicals.


Eekels registered as an Envirometer member in March 2012. This means we actively use the Envirometer tool. This online measurement tool, developed by the Stimular foundation, assesses our internal business processes in terms of environmental aspects (such as energy, water, waste, transport and materials handling). It quickly and simply generates graphs and reports indicating our environmental performance and CO2 footprint. This helps us to do business in a more climate-conscious fashion.

International Salvage Union certification

Eekels was awarded International Salvage Union (ISU) certification in February 2013, in confirmation of official membership of the ISU. The ISU is a London-based association which promotes a greater understanding of the contribution made by the salvage industry in the area of environmental protection and materials recovery. ISU membership is subject to strict admission criteria and indicates that Eekels is a reliable partner for salvage projects.

Industrial Cleaning Foundation (SIR) membership

Eekels is also a member of the Industrial Cleaning Foundation (Stichting Industriële Reiniging/SIR). SIR’s purpose is to promote and regulate occupational safety in the industrial cleaning industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. Membership of SIR keeps us informed of the latest developments in the field of industrial cleaning. This is extremely important for Eekels, as it allows us to offer our industrial cleaning customers the best possible service.