visie eekels pompoplossingen

Our challenge is to come up with the best solution

Eekels Pompen designs, delivers and installs pump solutions for the public sector, construction & infrastructure, the offshore sector and general industry. We operate both in the Netherlands and abroad. We apply more than 100 years of experience to the challenge of coming up with and supplying the best solution for each and every contract!

Listen first, then act

Empathising with and understanding your situation are crucial to determining the best pump solution. We approach each and every project as a unique situation.┬áTechnical account managers visit you to analyse your problem based on a structured checklist. The next step is to design a solution that satisfies the requirements of your situation. Our technical account managers are trained professionals who, with the support of our projects department, coordinate both the customer’s personnel and the organisations in realising effective solutions.

Wide range and high delivery reliability

We supply anything from a simple pump to extremely large pump systems in highly complex situations on a contract hire basis. In our opinion, being able to select the right pump requires a large and varied range of hire equipment. The fact that we have more than 700 pumps in our hire range and offer 24/7 service back-up favours (delivery) reliability and dependability.

In order to further enhance our delivery reliability, we recently invested in two trucks that comply with the highest standards and provide perfect support for our logistic services.

Sustainability through expertise

Our pumps are the most efficient designs available and obviously we prioritise low noise and low exhaust emissions. We can create extremely specific solutions for customer requirements within the envelope of our extensive hire equipment range. For example, supplying fish-friendly pumps for use in environments managed by water boards. We also have extremely modern vehicles at our disposal to reduce our exhaust emissions to a minimum. However, our efforts to provide a sustainable solution do not stop here.

After all, a sustainable solution encompasses more than just technology and the amount of energy consumed by the pump. Coming up with an effective solution requires extensive expertise to ensure selection of the right pumps for a project. Our expertise delivers the following benefits:

  • Easier maintenance and longer service intervals during the project;
  • Pump sets offering greater pump capacity, lower noise emissions, lower fuel and power consumption and lower exhaust emissions;
  • Improved value for money;
  • Correct preparation to ensure efficient implementation.

To achieve this, we have centralised our expertise in a projects department, which supports our internal process and ongoing projects. The projects department is manned by several experienced employees who provide the right input and produce all the drawings and calculations that are needed. This resource gives us the capability of putting together and supplying the most sustainable pump configuration possible based on factual information.