Hire pump accessories

Extensive range of valves, adapters and more available from stock

To complete your temporary pump system, Eekels Pompen offers you an extensive hire range of pump accessories and pipes. Various fittings and pump accessories such as valves, adapters,T pieces and Y pieces, suction strainers and sand traps are all available from stock. What if you are not sure which pump accessories are suitable for your system? With professional advice from our team of specialists - more than 50 of them - you always receive what you need. This guarantees you the best hire pump system for your project!

What is the best option for me? To hire separate components or a complete temporary pump installation?

Do you have your own pump ready to be used at your location? Or does a pipeline need to be laid? And do you need any extra accessories? Review our pump accessory categories and simply add separate accessories to your hire list. Then we will deliver the accessories in no time to your location.

Still don’t have a clear idea of which fittings you need for a temporary pump installation? Then instead of searching through the individual fittings, request a quotation directly or call us on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69.

If you are looking for a pump with specific properties, enter your specifications in the pump configurator. In just a few steps, you will know exactly which pump you need. And upon receiving your request, we will call you directly to help you select the correct accessories.