Hire an aeration pump to purify wastewater more effectively

Eekels offers aerator pumps in its hire equipment range, specifically for improving the water quality of surface water and for the cleaning process at wastewater treatment plants. These aerator pumps add extra oxygen to the water. This is an important part of the wastewater treatment process. The aerator pump is used in a variety of situations. At a wastewater/sewage water treatment plant, for example, but also in ditches, canals and ponds. You can use our aerator pumps to improve the treatment process, prevent stench and keep fish alive.

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Aeration unit in combination with your perfect wastewater pump

Our aeration pumps consist of a powerful wastewater pump in combination with an aeration unit. The aeration unit sucks in air from outside and adds it to the wastewater. The extra oxygen speeds up the wastewater purification process in your sewage water/wastewater treatment plant. The aeration units fit different pumps and are often hired out in combination with the dry self-priming Betsy 125M. Are you looking for a submersible pump? If so, the E5K-H or the F6K-H is perfect for your needs. These pumps are characterised by their large free passage size, which allows them to pump wastewater containing large solids without problems.

Fish-friendly and eco-friendly aeration pumps: suitable for use everywhere

< p> Like you, we strongly believe in environmental awareness. So our pumps use the latest technology. As a result, they are effective and energy-efficient. Furthermore, our aeration pumps are low-noise units and equipped with environmentally friendly drip trays. The aeration pumps can be installed in different parts of your wastewater or sewage water treatment plant; in the primary clarifier for example, or an aeration tank, or your secondary clarifier. These units help you achieve good water quality throughout your process.

From placing and installation to tests and disassembly

Regardless of whether we are working on a project or reacting at top speed to an emergency, we arrange everything for you: from transport and installation to testing and disassembly. We provide a temporary pump system, complete with pipes and hoses. Our work plan includes the schedule and calculations and you can refer to them at any time. This approach keeps everything clear and well-structured for water boards and contractors. During the hire period, you can 24/7 and we are always on standby to help you! What does this look like in practice? View selected projects here that we have successfully completed for wastewater treatment plants and contractors.

Hire an aeration pump  Would you like more information? Call us now on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69

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