Hire bentonite pumps for drilling work

Eekels Pompen offers bentonite pumps specifically for directional drilling projects in its hire equipment range. These slurry pumps supply a flow of bentonite to cool your cutting head, flush away drilling grit and stabilise the shaft. These slurry pumps are used for a range of slurry, bentonite and sludge activities in civil engineering. For example, a borehole, diaphragm wall or a cutting face in a tunnel boring operation. Thanks to our large stock of equipment, we always have a bentonite pump available that perfectly suits your project, can deliver it immediately on our own vehicles and provide 24/7 back-up if a fault occurs.

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From dry-mounted to submersible pumps: we always have the perfect bentonite pump available

Eekels Pompen has more than 1,000 pumps in the hire fleet. So we can always offer you the perfect pump. We hold a variety of bentonite pumps in stock: from our dry self-priming Betsy 125M to submersible pumps such as the  E5K-H and the F10K-HD. Our slurry pumps have a large free passage and are clog-free. As a result, these units are suitable for pumping high bentonite flows.

Your extremely reliable bentonite pump, delivered in hours to your location by one of our vehicles

Whether you hire a bentonite pump on its own or decide in favour of a complete pump solution: we make sure that you have a reliable pump in no time. Our pumps are thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving our yard. We do this to minimise the risk of a pump failure. In addition, we can also equip the pumps with GSM alarm units. These units alert our 24/7 troubleshooting team in the event of alarms or faults and we can react quickly to fix them. We also use own transport to get your pump to your location without delay.

Hiring bentonite pumps from Eekels Pompen means:

  • Choice from a huge range of dry-mounted and submersible pumps
  • No unnecessary pump downtime thanks to our 24/7 service
  • Your bentonite pump delivered in just hours on our own vehicles
  • You benefit from 100 years of experience: we have the answer to all your questions

Curious about what this looks like in practice? Take a look here to see how other civil engineering contractors use our slurry pumps.

Hire a bentonite pump  Would you like more information? Call us now on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69