The disaster-response pump for every emergency situation

Fast action in an emergency is hugely important. So we are always ready and available 24/7 to help you get the situation under control. Thanks to our experience, we can assess your situation very quickly and take adequate action. For example, we can offer a pump solution in a matter of hours. When you come to Eekels Pompen, you benefit from a hire fleet of 1,000 pumps, 30 experienced fitters and 100 years of experience.


Emergency plan for disaster response

Pump failures, flooding, faults or fires occur spontaneously and always at an inconvenient time. So drawing up a disaster response plan beforehand is a good precaution and you know who you can count on. Many water boards, municipalities and factories have selected Eekels Pompen as their partner for supplying emergency pumps in disaster response situations. Do you know in advance when you are going to carry out risky maintenance work? If so, it is all the more important to reserve emergency pumps as a back-up beforehand. All kinds of options are open to you and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your disaster response plan. 

Diesel engine pumps as emergency pumps for water boards

Dry self-priming diesel engine pumps are an ideal solution for use as disaster-response pumps because they are completely self-contained. These emergency pumps are an excellent choice when you have to act fast because they do not require an external fuel tank, the pipes are easy to mount and they are self-priming. We set up a temporary pump system in just a couple of hours when a polder pumping station for surface water failed. This system comprised 2 diesel engine pumps, a fuel tank and 40 metres of piping. Thanks our this speed of response, the surface water was effectively pumped away without causing nuisance to residents.

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24/7 emergency pumps; even in the middle of the night

When a a large sewer pipe had failed in the centre of Zwijndrecht, a crater formed and the streets were flooded with sewage water. Fortunately, the municipality reacted quickly and succeeded in limiting nuisance and flooding for businesses and residents. A team of specialists from Eekels worked through the night to set up a temporary pump system complete with pipes for pumping away the sewage water.

Eekels monteursbus van 24/7-dienst bij een bouwplaats om service te verlenen bij pompverhuur.

Temporary emergency pump systems, anytime and anywhere

During its 100-year history, Eekels Pompen has successfully completed many emergency projects, and we can safely say that we are the specialists when it comes to emergency situations and disaster recovery. We stay in control and react fast under pressure. Still not convinced? Take a look at these projects.

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