Cleaning pipes, vessels and tanks via flushing and circulation

Industrial systems such as pipelines, silos and storage tanks must be kept clean to prevent clogging, fouling and corrosion. Any dirt build-up in the system adversely affects your work process’s pumping capacity, which needs to be prevented at all costs. Thanks to long-standing experience in the industry, we have a unique understanding of the importance of working safely and reducing machine downtime. This is why Eekels Pompen offers asset managers and sewer managers a complete temporary pump system. We arrange everything required for continued circulation and flushing the system. So those managing the project can focus fully on the cleaning work.

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Extensive range for industrial cleaning tasks

Eekels Pompen has several different high-pressure pumps in the range that are ideal for carrying out cleaning tasks. The PP/200/GG, PP/11/350/GG and PP/10/75/GG are examples of high-pressure pumps that we often hire out for this type of situation. These pumps develop a high discharge pressure that easily displaces dirt. In addition, we use fast, dry self-priming pumps. As a result, they can be put into operation quickly and we avoid keeping your machines standing idle unnecessarily. These high-pressure pumps are capable of cleaning pipes, tanks and storage silos in no time.

Safety first: inspected pumps and certified fitters

Each of our pumps is extensively checked and inspected before leaving our yard. Our pumps can be equipped with GSM alarm units. This system alerts our 24/7 troubleshooting team in the event of alarms or faults and we can react quickly to fix them. Eekels Pompen employs more 30 experienced and certified fitters. By deploying high-quality pumps and expert staff, we ensure that every project runs smoothly and safely.

Detailed work plan for a temporary circulation or flushing system

We have successfully completed many impressive projects during our 100-year history. Each of these projects starts with an assessment of the situation. We take a close look at the specifications and the drawings. If necessary, we visit your location. Armed with all this information, the engineers in our project office calculate what you need. Everything is clearly and logically documented in the work plan. So you can always refer to the schedules and calculations for the TPS and you know which pumps and accessories we will deploy.

Monteurs in een rode overall bespreken werkzaamheden aan de hand van een werkplan.

From placing and installation to testing and dismantling

Regardless of whether we are involved in a project or reacting at full speed to an emergency, we handle the entire process from A to Z. This means that we place, install and test the pump system and then remove it again. During the hire period, you can reach us 24/7 and we are always available to support you! What does this look like in practice? We have included a number of examples here.

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