A safe load-out: our ballast pumps keep your pontoons stable

A safe load-out: our ballast pumps keep your pontoon stable

Our powerful diesel engine pumps keep your pontoons stable during offshore load-outs. These pumps are used to quickly fill and empty pontoon compartments when transporting large and heavy objects, such as steel structures and machine parts. Eekels Pompen ensures that you have all the equipment you need to successfully complete your load-out. We offer you a pump, complete with pipes and hoses. When you hire a pump from us, we handle maintenance so that you can focus completely on your own tasks.

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Perform your load-outs safely with tested pumps and certified fitters

Our water pumps, such as the Betsy 125M, Betsy 200 and the Betsy 125H, are each extensively inspected and tested before leaving our yard. The pumps can also be fitted with GSM alarm units. This ensures that our 24/7 troubleshooting team receives a notification in the event of an alarm or other disruption, so we can resolve the issue in no time. Eekels Pompen employs more 30 experienced and certified fitters. By using high-quality pumps and skilled personnel, we prevent pump failures and ensure that your load-out runs smoothly and safely.

‘Why Eekels Pompen? Because you do not want to take any chances with your pontoon projects!’

From placing and installation to testing and dismantling

Regardless of whether we are involved in a project or reacting at full speed to an emergency, we handle the entire process from A to Z. This means that we assemble, install, test and dissemble and remove the TPS for you. During the hire period, you can reach us 24/7 and we are always available to support you! What does this look like in practice? Take a look at a practical example here: Eekels Pompen keeps 660 tons perfectly balanced during a load-out

Hire a powerful water pump Would you like more information? Call us now on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69