Temporary pump system for ship salvage operations and repairs

Has a ship taken on water or does it need to be salvaged? Eekels Pompen has many years of experience in offering the right pump for draining water from ships. We make sure that contractors can carry out their repair work and that salvage companies or boat towing services can recover the vessel. To float ships, our hire equipment range includes submersible pumps such as the F10K-HD and the I16K-SS from Hidrostal. These submersible pumps can be easily and quickly installed in flooded spaces. Are you able to set the pump up in a dry area, or are you going to place the pump on a ship or floating work platform? In that case, the Betsy 125M from Hidrostal is an ideal choice. We also have pumps that can handle sludge deposited by water currents without clogging.

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Safety first: Tested pumps and certified fitters

Pumping out flooded ships can be dangerous. That is why we work exclusively with certified fitters. Our fitters have extensive experience in the installation of pumps. They know exactly which challenges can arise and do their work skilfully and professionally. What’s more, once you’re at sea, you do not want to discover that one of your pumps doesn’t work. So, in the maritime and offshore sectors, the reliability of pumps is more important than ever. Our pumps are thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving our yard. That way we make sure that there is no chance of a breakdown. Whether you are using beams to raise the vessel, or using cables or straps to salvage the ship, we ensure that you can safely pump the ship empty.

From assembly and installation to testing and removal

Whether you are using our pumps on a flooded ship or on a pump boat, we handle the whole project from A to Z. This means that we place, install, test and remove the TPS. We also handle the pipework and the hoses. During the hire period, you can reach us 24/7 and we are always available to support you! Curious about how we can assist you in your salvaging or towing work? Then please contact one of our specialists on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69 or request a quotation!