Hire a temporary pump system to substitute for a sewage pumping station

Is your sewage pumping station non-operational due to a fault, or has it been taken out of service for maintenance or refurbishment? We supply a temporary pump system to replace the non-operational sewage pumping station and ensure that the sewage water is pumped away to a sewage treatment plant. Eekels Pompen has years of experience with installing TPS set-ups for projects in civil engineering sector. We are aware of the requirements of local authorities and water boards, and configure our TPS offer to suit. This is why our pump systems are often hired by contractors who carry out the sewer system works on behalf of the relevant authority. Eekels Pompen offers a full-service concept, from advice to final installation, and backs you up 24/7.

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Extremely reliable pumps to prevent stoppages

When a sewage pumping station fails, sewage accumulates and pressure differences arise in the sewer pipes. This can ultimately lead to water hammer. Something we want to avoid at all costs. So our pumps are thoroughly checked and inspected before they leave our yard. Our temporary pump systems are also equipped with telemetry. This allows us to perform remote diagnostic checks on the pumps and pre-empt faults by carrying out preventive maintenance. This approach ensures that our pumps are extremely reliable and reduces the risk of a failure to zero.

Detailed work plan for a temporary sewage pumping station

Eekels Pompen has successfully completed many impressive projects during our 100-year history. Each of these projects starts with an assessment of the situation. We take a close look at the specifications and the drawings. If necessary, we visit your location. In our project office, the engineers get to work producing the calculations. Everything is clearly and logically documented in the work plan. So you can always refer to the schedules and calculations for the TPS and you know which pumps and accessories we will deploy.

Fast availability of sewage pumps in emergencies

In an emergency, we are also there to support you. We understand that you have to act fast when emergencies arise. With a stock of more than 1,000 pumps, our own fleet of vehicles and fitters, we can react at lightning speed. We use these resources to deliver a complete temporary pump system to you at your site within hours, as a fast and effective workaround for your inactive sewage pumping station.

Een Eekels monteur is op locatie bij een tijdelijke pompinstallatie en heeft telefonisch contact met de klant

From placing and installation to testing and dismantling

Regardless of whether the work is scheduled in the municipal sewerage plan or an emergency requiring an immediate response has occurred, we handle the entire process from A to Z. We provide a sewage pump system that efficiently does its job without causing you any hassle. This means that we transport, install and test the TPS and then remove it again. During the hire period, you can reach us 24/7 and we are always on standby to help you! What does this look like in practice? We have included a number of practical examples here.

Hire a temporary pump system Would you like more information? Call +31 (0)180 - 69 69 69