A temporary pump system guarantees continuous operation of your sewage water treatment plant

No matter what challenge you face: reconditioning the aeration tank, fixing a problem with the aerators or cleaning the entire system, our pumps ensure that your wastewater or sewage treatment plant remains in operation. We install a temporary pump system to pump the sewage water away to an operational section of your sewage treatment and wastewater purification plant. Our intervention allows contractors to carry out their work safely, and you can carry on processing sewage. Eekels Pompen has many years of experience and is familiar with the requirements of water boards. We configure our sewage pumping systems to match your situation and work closely together with contractors.

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Sewage water pumps with large free passage sizes for very polluted water

When setting up sewage water bypasses, the pumps we use include dry self-priming Betsy 100 and 200 pumps from Hidrostal, or our quickly deployable F10K-HD submersible pump. Our sewage water pumps have a large free passage and feature a clog-free screw centrifugal impeller. This makes pumping large solids and sewage water an easy job. In addition to the right sewage water pump, we provide all the pipes and hoses for your TPS. The result: you benefit from a complete temporary pump system and do not have to worry about creating a bypass for the sewage water.

Sound-attenuated, eco-friendly sewage water pumps

Like you, we strongly believe in environmental awareness. So our sewage water pumps use the latest technology. As a result, they are effective and energy-efficient. Furthermore, the pumps are fish-friendly, low-noise units and equipped with drip trays. Eekels Pompen also hires out aerator pumps. The aerators add oxygen to the water to improve water quality. Our TPS set-ups are designed to be vandal-resistant so that they carry on running when outsiders attempt to sabotage them.

Detailed work plan for water boards and contractors

Eekels Pompen has successfully completed many impressive projects during our 100-year history. Each of these projects starts with an assessment of the situation. We take a close look at the specifications and the drawings. If necessary, we visit your location. Armed with all this information, the engineers in our project office calculate what you need. Our work plan includes the schedule and calculations and you can refer to them at any time. This approach keeps everything clear and well-structured for water boards and contractors.

From placing and installation to testing and dismantling

Regardless of whether we are involved in a project or reacting at full speed to an emergency, we handle the entire process from A to Z. This means we not only provide the right pump, we also supply the pipes and hoses. In addition, we transport, install and test the TPS. And at the end of the hire period, we also arrange disassembly. You can reach us 24/7 and we are always on standby to help you! What does this look like in practice? Take a look here at a number of projects that we have carried out for sewage water treatment plants.

Hire a temporary pump system  Would you like more information? Call us now on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69