Temporary pump systems from Eekels Pompen

Our experience and expertise really come into their own when you need a temporary pump system (TPS). Because no pump challenge is the same and a good pump solution always considers your work, the environmental factors, the pumping capacity you need and much more! During our 100-year history, we have encountered an almost infinite number of different situations. The pump specialists at Eekels Pompen use that experience to optimise your project. So we are the right place to come for a completely fuss-free TPS.

Turnkey pump systems: everything from the initial assessment to 24/7 service

When you decide to hire a TPS from Eekels, our pump specialists start by assessing your situation. Then we perform the necessary calculations. Our engineers look at the data to decide which pump can best be deployed and they accurately calculate which hoses and pipes you need. We have all the equipment you need to complete your temporary pump system available, ranging from generators for the power supply to pipe bridges to ensure that the pipe run does not interfere with traffic. We use our own trucks to transport the equipment. Once at the site, our experienced and certified fitters install the TPS. If required, we can also provide cranes. Everything is logically documented in the work plan. This guarantees you a complete temporary pump system!

Temporary pump system for all applications and emergencies

Our temporary pump systems are used in industry, civil engineering, the public sector and offshore. We cater to the requirements of different applications in these sectors: from tank testing and pumping away run-off water at fire fighting sites to temporary pump capacity to allow refurbishment work at polder pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. We put together temporary pump systems based on all types of pump. Large or small, submersible pumps or dry self-priming diesel engine pumps. For example, we used the Betsy 300 dry self-priming diesel engine pump to set up a temporary sewer bypass in Rotterdam. And, we used the Betsy 125M to support refurbishment work in the Dordrecht city centre.

Tijdelijke pompinstallatie met leidingwerk in landelijke omgeving

Temporary pump systems for disaster response

Eekels is not just the place to come for planned work, we are also specialists in disaster response. At the end of 2019, we urgently installed a major temporary pump system in Flanders to divert the flow of water in the river Meuse. We often supply larger systems like this. The TPS for this project had a capacity of 5,800 m3 and was up and running in just 3 days! But we also supply smaller pump systems, like the urgent job for a burst sewer pipe in the middle of the night in Zwijndrecht. We are always ready and available 24/7 to supply the TPS you need.

Een leidingbrug in een straat