Generator 500 kVA hire

Do you need a temporary power supply for the electric pump that you want to hire? You can also hire a suitable generator for your electric pump. Eekels Pompen offers several hire generators to supply adequate power to the pumps. Either as a temporary power supply, or you can also hire the generator as an emergency power unit. The 500 kVA generator is our largest unit and runs at modest noise level of only 69 decibels at a distance of 7 metres. Do you want to hire an even quieter generator? Take a look at our Super Silent 150 kVA generator.

This extremely low-noise and powerful generator is immensely versatile and uses very little fuel. A combination of a 500 kVA generator and one or more Super Silent units is a practical solution for areas where noise needs to be controlled, such as residential districts and nature areas. When the power demand drops at night, you can use the Super Silent generators to generate the electricity you require. During the day, you simply use the 500 kVA unit. Would you like more information about the features and capabilities of our generators? Take a look at the specifications below, or contact one of our specialists.



500 m3/h
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Why you should hire generators from Eekels Pompen

  • Delivery service
    • To avoid project delays due to lack of fuel, we can agree regular fuel deliveries with you. We estimate how much fuel you will use beforehand and plan accordingly. What if your fuel consumption changes during your project? You simply contact your pump specialist to reschedule your fuel deliveries.
  • GPS tracker to deter thieves
  • Specialist advice
  • Generators from leading brands
  • 24/7 service in emergencies

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