Betsy 125M in use for refurbishment work to repair canal foundations

Amersfoort – Museum Flehite and its neighbouring canal walls are being refurbished for the first time in 10 years. To empty the canals during the first phase of the work, Eekels Pompen delivered a Betsy 125M diesel pump. Thanks to the outstanding performance of this pump, the work on the historic canal walls could continue without a hitch.

The renovation of the museum and the historic canals was split into two phases. During the first phase, the quay walls of the neighbouring canals were renovated. Once work in the surrounding area has been completed, the museum itself can be renovated in the second phase. Due to the fragility of both the museum and its treasures, it is important that the equipment used during the renovations produces as few vibrations as possible.

The Hidrostal Betsy 125M

The Betsy 125M is a versatile, polluted water pump equipped with a vacuum system and a vacuum pump for automatic, extremely rapid suction. This means that the pump does not have to be filled with water to generate suction. The Betsy 125M is available in a noise-reducing model and delivers a powerful suction action of up to 8 to 9 metres of suction height.

Special set-up

For this project, a special pump set-up was needed. Temporary sheet piling was placed in the canal to create a cofferdam which had to be partially pumped dry. The limited space of this urban building site made us decide to place the pump on a pontoon in the canal. That way the Betsy pump could pump the canal water from the cofferdam over the sheet piling into the canal. To complete the set-up, Eekels Pompen also supplied a RECO fuel tank for the pump and 6 metres of piping.

The renovation work is expected to take approximately one year to complete. The second phase of the renovation project, which requires the museum to close temporarily, will start at the end of May. The Rietveldpaviljoen will be open to the public as an alternative venue during this period.