Need to keep a bridge cool during a heatwave? Eekels Pompen has the right pump system for cooling bridge deck sections

During the last few days, the summer has taken a firm grip on the Netherlands and temperatures have soared. The weather is so hot that the temperature of the asphalt on motorways is approaching 50 degrees!

Steel bridges are also expanding due to the heat. Temporary cooling is a widely used solution to prevent the pivoting bridge decks from jamming due to the heat. Temporary pump systems pump up water and cool the road surface on the pivoting bridge decks so that they can open and close without problems.

Need to cool bridges? A piece of cake for Eekels!

In the case of most bridges, surface water is readily available for use as cooling water. The pumps that are suitable for cooling bridges include our Grindex dewatering pumps or Betsy dry self-priming diesel engine pumps. Betsy pumps are rapidly deployable, equipped with a powerful vacuum system and quickly and automatically self-prime. We will be glad to help you with the entire project, from transport and installation to 24/7 service.

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