Dispose chemically or biochemically contaminated wastewater? Rent stainless steel Chem-Line pumps, specially for industry

Avoid high costs and environmental damage in case of leaks

In pump rental for industry, it is very important that the temporary pumping equipment can pump contaminated liquids safely and without failure. Because when a leak occurs with corrosive and aggressive liquids, the damage is significantly greater. Apart from the damage to your premises, you do not want any health risks or contamination of groundwater and sewers. After all, the costs of soil remediation and other repair work can be very high. To prevent this, Eekels Pompen started supplying Chem-Line pumping equipment in 2014: certified stainless steel pumps and certificate hoses.

Eekels Chem-Line pumps: industrial stainless steel pumps for chemicals

When you want to pump (bio-) chemically contaminated wastewater, you rent pumps from Eekels Chem-Line. For example to clean a pipe system or to discharge contaminated waste liquids. The pump parts of these stainless steel pump sets are made of stainless steel 316. The seals and other elastic parts are replaced with resistant elastomers such as viton and PTFE-teflon. Our Chem-Line pumps are certified for applications with corrosive or aggressive substances and are cleaned and inspected between projects. A number of our electric Chem-Line pumps and air-driven pumps are also certified for use in ATEX zone 1. This ensures that our customers can count on reliable pumps.

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Our Chem-Line stainless steel pumps for corrosive and aggressive liquids:

Chem-Line industrial pumps from Hidrostal with diesel engine

These versatile stainless steel diesel pump sets do their job without an external connection. With a clog-free centrifugal impeller with positive displacement properties, the B100H and Betsy 125h chemical pumps effortlessly pump raw contaminated sewage.

Electric Chem-Line industrial pumps for ATEX zones from Pioneer Pumps

When you want to pump corrosive or aggressive liquids in an ATEX zone, rent electric Chem-Line pumps. The PP-44, PP-66 and PP-8 chemical pumps have a medium dirt clearance and function even when the pumps are pumping air with them.

Air-operated Chem-Line pumps for ATEX zones from Wilden

Is an electrical connection not an option within your ATEX zone? Then hire an air-operated diaphragm pump. The PS8 chemistry pump is also equipped with a pulsation dampener and softstarter to prevent hose wear and leaks due to water hammer.

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This is what our Chemical transfer stainless steel pumps are made for

Pump rental in the petrochemical industry

Our pumps are often used to clean pipe systems and sewers in the industry. By circulating water in a closed pipe system, (bio-) chemical residues are removed. Because the residues are often corrosive or aggressive, our Chem-Line pumps are used here.

Pump rental in the food industry

Also when in the food industry a large amount of liquid with a high acidity, for example lactic acid, has to be removed, a Chem-Line pump is used. With a temporary pump installation we create a bypass to drain the fluids.

Pump rental for emergencies in the industry

It can happen that corrosive or aggressive liquids are released during an emergency. The fire department then often closes off a section of the sewage system that must be cleaned. To prevent further contamination and damage, we rent out chemically resistant emergency pumps.

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Chemisch bestendige industriepompen uit onze Chem-Line serie.

Complete pump rental with certificate hoses, certificate pipes and fittings

At Eekels Pompen you do not only rent Chem-Line pumps, but the complete pump installation including certificate hoses and accessories. We have the right certificate hoses and pipes in house for every pump. With a large stock of reducers, fittings and manifolds we always make the right fittings. This makes it easy to rent a chemically resistant pump installation tailored to your project and location from Eekels Pompen.

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Certified pump service from engineering up until 24/7 emergency service

At Eekels, the development and installation of the temporary pump installation is completely taken care of. Our experienced pump engineers do the calculations for a safe and efficient pump installation that is certified following the current regulations. In order to ensure a trouble-free installation for a longer period of time, the installation is checked at a regular basis. In addition, our pump systems can be equipped with fault detectors. Should a malfunction unexpectedly occur, we have a 24/7 malfunction service. Thus, with our Chem-Line pumps you are assured of efficiency, continuity and safety.

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