polluted water pumps for refurbishment works involving two sewage pumping stations

Eekels Pompen has deployed two temporary pump systems (TPS set-ups) for the refurbishment of two sewage pumping stations. This system can be used to drain the sewers so that work can start.

For 12 weeks (up to the start of the building industry holiday), the pump systems will operate continuously (24/7) to ensure an uninterrupted flow of sewage until the refurbishment work has been completed.

Equipment supplied:

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Betsy pumps

The Betsy series from Eekels Pompen consists of a range of versatile sewage pumps. These pumps feature a unique clog-free screw centrifugal impeller with a large free passage size. The unique low-noise vacuum system ensures that the pumps are always filled with liquid. As a result, lengthy suction procedures, which can cause sewer overflows, are now a problem of the past.