Drought-plagued Dutch summer

Such a wonderful, warm summer in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this type of weather also results in a decrease in oxygen levels in the surface water. Which in turn leads to an increase of harmful blue algae in the water. Besides the fact that this algae is extremely hazardous to swimmers, especially young children, it also causes massive fish mortality and an amazing stench. 

To resupply the water with oxygen and limit the growth of blue algae, an aeration installation can be used. This installation consists of a diesel-driven pump connected to an aeration unit (venturi system). By narrowing the passage through the aeration unit and constricting the movement of the water from the diesel pump, the pump adds oxygen back into the water.

Swimming & blue algae

“Blue algae are microscopic organisms present throughout the world in both salt and fresh water. Excessive growth of blue algae is a sign that the water quality, and the nature that depends on it, is under threat,” says the Rijkswaterstaat website