Eekels Pompen places 4 temporary pump systems and 1.4 kilometres of pipes for a sewer bypass in Vlissingen

Last month, Eekels Pompen built a sewer bypass in Vlissingen, comprising 1.4 kilometres of piping and 4 temporary pump systems. This set-up will be used to divert the sewage water from the Groot-Lammeren district. The 60-year old sewer system will be temporarily drained for refurbishment works. Because the pipe run passes through the Rosenburg residential area, we have placed 500 metres of steel pipe on an aerial support structure. The pipes and temporary pump systems (TPS) supplied by Eekels will remain in operation until completion of the sewer refurbishment project in mid-July.


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The equipment supplied by Eekels Pompen for the sewer bypass includes the following:

From sewer bypass to substituting for the sewer pumping station

To temporarily drain the sewer, Eekels Pompen was requested to create a sewer bypass. Because the temporary pump system at the beginning of the sewer bypass would have been too close to a major sewer pumping station, we provided a temporary pumping station substitute in the form of an additional TPS. If a TPS is too close to a pumping station, the pumping system as a whole may not be able to cope with the peak load due to a lack of buffer space in the pipes. With our TPS arrangement with 4 large submersible sewage pumps, we were easily able to provide the same capacity as the pumping station.

Take a look at our sewer bypass in Vlissingen here: 

City centre pump run extending 1.4 km

The sewer for the Groot-Lammeren district runs under the Rosenburg residential area. This means that the pump run of 1.4 kilometres in total will have to be rerouted through residential streets. To minimise nuisance, we have placed 500 metres of pipe on aerial pipe bridge structures. As a result, all the roads, cycle paths and footpaths remain open and unobstructed. The pipe run also passes 3 small sewer pumping stations that handle local sewage. In order to divert this sewage water via the pipe run as well, we installed temporary Betsy-125 diesel engine pump sets at these locations.

Prepared for all eventualities with emergency power generators and GSM alarm units

Submersible sewage pumps are powered by an electric motor as a standard. To ensure a stable power supply, we placed two 500 kVA generators: one as the primary power supply and the second as a back-up. Furthermore, all the machines are equipped with GSM alarm units. These units immediately alert our 24/7 emergency team if a fault occurs. After all, you can’t leave anything to chance when it comes to temporary pumping systems of this capacity!

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