Eekels Pompen as a reliable partner in large-scale project Blankenburg connection Rotterdam

BAAK is constructing the Blankenburg connection on behalf of the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. We are proud to be part of this huge project. For the project, we are supplying several wastewater pumps that will be used for dredging, pouring underwater concrete and monitoring the water levels in the construction pits. Due to the size and complexity of the project, BAAK was looking for a reliable pump rental partner that could handle such a project. We are pleased with the trust they placed in our organisation and relieved BAAK of the burden of temporary pump solutions.

"To this day, Eekels has delivered on all its promises."
- Vincent Lemaitre (Chief Executor GGV MDT-North)

The Blankenburg connection (A24)

The A20 at Vlaardingen and the A15 at Rozenburg will be connected by a new motorway, the Blankenburg connection. This new connection, the A24, will reduce congestion on the A15 and the Benelux corridor. The connection will also improve the accessibility of the port of Rotterdam to the Randstad.

Construction of the Maasdeltatunnel

With the Maasdeltatunnel, the Blankenburg connection will pass under the Scheur, the extension of the Nieuwe Waterweg. To build this tunnel, BAAK has to excavate up to 29 metres under NAP. For this purpose, several construction pits with combi piles and sheet piles were made. 

The excavation of the deep construction pits was carried out in phases:

  • The excavation from +1.00m to -10.00m NAP was carried out dry.
  • Using our PLC-controlled submersible pumps, the pits were filled to +1.00m NAP. Our pump installation monitors the water level during the deep excavation to guard the vertical balance and thus prevent the soil from bursting.
  • Wet excavation to final depth.
Vuilwaterpomp Blankenburgverbinding

The excavation of the shallow construction pits is carried out in similar phases:

  • Dry phased excavation to -3.00m NAP.
  • The pits are filled using a manually operated submersible pump (1400m³/h). Level control in the shallow trenches is performed by BAAK's earthmoving team.
  • Wet excavation to final depth.

When the excavation is complete, BAAK pours the underwater concrete. We then deploy our wastewater pumps to pump out the cofferdams.

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Vuilwaterpomp Maasdeltatunnel

Vertical balance prevents bursting of the cofferdam

In order to maintain the vertical balance in the cofferdam, it is very important that the water level in the cofferdam remains at the same level. This is how we prevent the beds from collapsing. Our PLC-controlled installation takes care of keeping the water levels in the cofferdam level. All pumps are tested before rental. So BAAK employees have equipment they can rely on.

"If everyone is well prepared, it can sometimes take one or two phone calls. This is also the case with Eekels. The plan is well put together, the contract is well put together and Eekels is well put together."

- Vincent Lemaitre (Superintendent GGV MDT-Noord)

Read more about certification of equipment and personnel

Vuilwaterpompen Eekels Pompen

Dug-in pipework

Because the space around the excavation pits is limited, we dig in the piping for BAAK. This way, the pipes don't block the passage. 

"If something has to be changed, I get a quick response and all my questions are answered within a day."

- Vincent Lemaitre (Superintendent GGV MDT-North)

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Leidingwerk Eekels Pompen Blankenburgverbinding

Calculation, transport, assembly, dismantling and service

In addition to the rental of the required pumping equipment, we provide comprehensive services for BAAK. Prior to the rental, we calculate the required pump capacity (the flow) and determine which pumps we will use at which location of the project. We also provide transportation to the various locations where BAAK is working on the Blankenburg connection. On site we will install the pumps. During the rental period, our 24/7 service department is ready to come into action in case of emergencies or failures.

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Service Eekels Pompen

Submersible pumps on the north side of the Maasdeltatunnel 

On the north side of the Maasdeltatunnel (Vlaardingen) we deployed 2 submersible pumps. In addition, there are 2+2 leveling pumps with a capacity of approximately 600 m3 per hour. These are set up in 2 x a 1+1 arrangement of a main pump and a backup pump. This way BAAK is sure that the water level in the various construction pits on the north side is guaranteed at all times.

Submersible pumps on the south side of the Maasdeltatunnel

On the south side of the Maasdeltatunnel (Rozenburg), 2 filling pumps and 1 return pump have been installed. Also here are 2+2 equalizing pumps (2x a 1+1 setup of main and reserve pump) that ensure the water level in the various cofferdams. The levelling pumps pump about 600 m3 per hour per pit.

Eekels Pompen Blankenburgverbinding Vuilwaterpompen

Different types of dirty water submersible pumps

For the construction of the Maasdeltatunnel, we use different types of dirty water submersible pumps. For levelling purposes, we use Hidrostal F6K-H pumps. As filling and return pumps, we use Hidrostal F10K-HD and Hidrostal H12K-SS pumps.

  • Hidrostal F6K-H: This professional waste water pump has a capacity of 576 m3 per hour and a maximum head of 34 meters.
  • Hidrostal F10K-HD: This professional submersible pump has a maximum head of 30 metres and a capacity of 970 m3 per hour.
  • Hidrostal H12K-SS: With its pump capacity of 1,584 m3 per hour this is one of the larger submersible pumps in our range.
Vuilwaterpompen Blankenburgverbinding Eekels Pompen

A culture of finding solutions together

At BAAK, there is a culture of "finding solutions together" which we at Eekels Pompen find very appealing. As a family business, we work closely together and keep close connections. We switch quickly and are available to our customers 24/7. 

"Characteristic of Eekels Pompen are the good open lines of communication. 
We have one contact person who ensures that everything is arranged quickly."

- Vincent Lemaitre (Chief Executive Officer GGV MDT-Noord )

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