Emergency job: sewage pumping station breakdown

At the end of May, we responded quickly and effectively to an emergency at a sewage pumping station. The problems meant that the pumping station would be non-operational for several weeks. Due to the need to prevent further damage, we installed an entire temporary pumping system in just 3 days.

Equipment supplied:

With the 4 sewage pumps, our system maintained a flow rate of more than 12,000 m3 per hour. With this capacity, the pump system was able to pump the sewer water from the basement of the pumping station into the appropriate drainage channel. Two of the pumps were submersed, and the other two were set up dry.

Thanks to the control container, the pumps and generators could be operated from one central point. Depending on the flow rate required, the operator could choose to switch off several of the pumps to avoid unnecessary fuel bills.

Rapid service

It was a challenge, but thanks to the short lines of communication between our specialists, we were able to respond to the situation very quickly. Within 3 days, we calculated what was needed for the system, the pumps were tested, and our transport service brought the equipment to the site and installed it. We always test the pumps before delivery, so we can guarantee the client top quality and reliable performance.

Thanks to our rapid response, the potential flood damage was kept to a minimum. Repairs to the pumping station were started in June and will be completed within a few weeks. Our fitters will then disassemble the system and transport it back to the workshop.