Emergency plan ensures quick delivery of emergency pumps at six locations along the Meuse River

Friday afternoon, January 29, the phone rang: on Saturday, six locations along the Meuse had to be supplied with wastewater pumps. As a result of the heavy rainfall in the area around the Meuse and the meltwater from the Ardennes, the water in the river had risen two to three meters in a few days. Fortunately, an emergency plan had been drawn up by Eekels and De Jong Zuurmond. As a result, the rented emergency pumps could be delivered and installed immediately.

Good preparation is half the battle

In December we received a request from De Jong Zuurmond for diesel engine pumps at six different locations along the Meuse river. The pumps had to be on standby for immediate delivery in the event of a high water situation. The waste water pumps were on standby at our warehouse so that they could be delivered immediately if the water level of the Meuse river rose too much. The river overflowed its banks by several hundreds of meters and the emergency pumps did their job to keep the situation under control.

Emergency plan for emergency pumps

If there is a chance of flooding, it is wise to have a disaster plan drawn up. This way you will not lose valuable time when you want to rent a pump in an emergency situation. The emergency plan for the flooding of the Meuse River consisted of the following points:

  • The locations of the diesel engine pumps
  • Directions
  • Photographs of the situation at the location and the set-up point
  • List of equipment needed per location

Rented diesel pumps and accessories

The rented diesel pumps are especially suited for a project like the flooding of the river Meuse. They are designed for dirty water. This makes the pumps widely applicable in various industries: from civil & infrastructure to government. Moreover, they are economical in use.

24/7 service for emergencies 

Because an emergency situation can arise at any time, we have emergency pumps ready 24/7 and specialists available to install them. As a result, the pumps at the Meuse river could be installed over the weekend without any problems. In 100 years Eekels Pompen has been able to carry out many emergency assignments, such as the project at the Meuse river. Calamities and emergencies are therefore our specialty. We switch quickly and ensure proper preparation based on the emergency plan.

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