Eekels Pompen installs temporary pump installation for a sewer bypass for GMB Rioleringstechnieken in Stein

For a sewer renovation in Stein, GMB Rioleringstechnieken wanted to hire a temporary pump installation for a sewer bypass. The sewage pump ensures that the raw sewage is temporarily diverted, so that GMB can renovate the drained sewer. Because of the good contact and trust based on previous projects, GMB approached the project office of Eekels Pompen to develop a suitable sewer bypass.

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Rented pump installation with pipes and accessories:

  • A Betsy 300 diesel engine pump
  • 225 metres HDPE pipe (400 mm diameter) incl. fittings
  • Two pipe bridges with 600 mm pipes made of galvanised steel
  • Fault detectors

Services provided for GMB Riooltechnieken:

  • Calculation and development of the pipeline route
  • Transport of the equipment to the site
  • Assembly and disassembly including crane work

Sewer bypass: 1,000 m³ sewage water per hour through 225 metres of HDPE pipe

For the drainage of the sewer GMB needed a temporary pump installation with a pumping capacity of 1,000 m³ per hour. To pump this volume of raw sewage water, Eekels used a Betsy 300 diesel engine pump. These centrifugal pump is able to effortlessly pump sewage water containing solids thanks to their unique clog-free impeller. From the intake point Eekels mapped out a 225 metre pipeline route to move the sewage water. Plastic HDPE pipes with a diameter of 400 millimetres are highly suitable for the required pumping capacity. With a wide range of pipes, Eekels Pompen can easily create a complete sewer bypass for sewer renovations.

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Unique 400 mm pipe bridge for HDPE pipes

On the route, the pipeline had to cross a public road in two places. To provide suitable pipe bridges, Eekels engineers developed a unique pipe bridge for HDPE pipes.

A reinforced 600-millimeter pipe of galvanized steel now guides the HDPE pipes over the pipe bridge. This customization offers GMB Rioleringstechnieken the perfect solution for a carefree sewer renovation.

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