Eekels Pompen installs 3 temporary pump installations for sewer bypass Museumpark Rotterdam

Commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam, G. van der Ven B.V. Aannemingsbedrijf is transforming the area around the Museumpark into a green, modern piece of Rotterdam. The biggest challenge of this project according to Van der Ven is the renewal of the Rotterdam collector sewer. The sewer was out of use during the renovation. Eekels Pompen installed temporary pumping installations for the flow of wastewater during the renovation.

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Sewer pumps for a good working sewer during 3 phases of closure

A part of the local collector sewer at Museum Park will be replaced in its entirety. The remainder will be repaired locally. Rainwater runoff from the redevelopment and an Under Water Buffer system will also be installed. The collector sewer that will be closed is a major drainage route for the area's sewer system. Our temporary pumping facilities will capture the runoff from this area. The sewer bypasses will be installed in 3 phases. For each phase we have done a calculation of the required capacity during dry and rainy weather.

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Additional capacity in phase 1 and phase 2 for rainwater runoff

The wastewater pumps for phase 1 and 2 were installed on 01-02-2021. With the temporary pump installation deployed at the free-fall sewer, we need to pump a flow of 500 m³/hr. For this purpose we have selected two Betsy 125M pumps with 300mm HDPE pipework. In dry weather, a dry weather discharge pump of 250 m³/hr is required in phase 1. The closure for the first phases, in the western part of the area, can only take place in the winter period. An additional rwa capacity of 1,000 m³/hr is therefore needed for rainwater drainage.  A temporary pumping station, consisting of a Betsy 125H and a Betsy 300 on level pins, will be installed on the well in the western part. The pipe work consists of HDPE 400 mm. At the beginning of March we will dismantle the sewer pumps of the gravity sewer and the final phase will start. 


Temporary pump installation in phase 3

The final phase takes place in the eastern part of the area. For this phase we are using the same pipes and pump selection as for the western part. The total flow to be pumped is 750 m³/hr. A Betsy 125H and a Betsy 300 are running on level pins on the well in phase 3. The piping consists of HDPE 400 mm piping. The selected pumps have a number of advantages for this project:

  • Large dirt passage size: This makes the pumps suitable for sewage disposal.
  • Sound-attenuated: Betsy pumps are soundproofed as standard, making them ideal for use in the city. 

Pipe bridges ensure accessibility

2x2 pipe bridges have been installed for pedestrians who want to go to The New Institute. These pipe bridges prevent the sewer bypass from blocking the access to The New Institute. The pipe bridges also make sure that Van der Ven can continue to reach the pond. In this way we ensure that the sewer bypass does not obstruct the accessibility of the Museum Park for anyone. 

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VEGA pressure transducer for automatic switch-on and switch-off

A VEGA pressure transducer is installed on the discharge well. This switches off the pumps when the water in the discharge well is too high. This can occur, for example, when the pumping station behind the discharge well fails. The pressure transducer automatically switches the pumps on again when the water level has dropped.

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Fault detectors and 24/7 service

The sewage pumps are installed with a GSM alarm dialer. This system sends both Eekels Pompen and the customer a text message when there is high water or a pump failure. Our 24/7 emergency service is thus immediately aware of a failure and takes immediate action. 

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