Eekels Pompen hires out temporary pump installation for irrigation system in Portugal against ongoing drought

In October, Eekels Pompen installed a temporary pump installation with two large Hidrostal submersible pumps along a lake in Portugal. Due to the persistent drought, the water level here dropped by more than 4 meters and the adjacent irrigation system ran dry. Local businesses and individuals are lacking water for their agriculture and nursery gardens. By renting a temporary pump installation from Eekels Pompen, the area will have sufficient water for the coming months until a permanent solution is found.

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Water level too low for local emergency pumps

20 Years ago the operators of the irrigation system also rented a temporary pump installation from Eekels Pompen. At the time the water level in the lake was too low for the irrigation system. Eventually, the operators had 4 permanent emergency pumps installed. Now that the water level has dropped again, the permanent emergency pumps do not offer enough capacity. With the new temporary pump installation from Eekels, the area will have enough water for the coming months.

Hired pumping equipment, pipework and technical services:

Setup of the temporary pump installation on the river bank

The temporary pump installation pumps a maximum of 5,600 m³ per hour using two I16K submersible pumps. The submersible pumps have been installed 4 metres below the water surface. A large pit has been dug at the edge of the lake for this purpose. The pumps are controlled directly from the control container. The control-unit is equipped with a fault detector, our troubleshooting team is informed immediately when an emergency situation fault occurs.

Providing the right delivery hight and capacity with large height differences

To put together a suitable pumping system, we look at the required capacity and the hight. The capacity depends on the horizontal and vertical distance over which the water must be pumped. Fortunately, our client recently had a depth scan made to map the slope at the edge of the lake. This enabled us to quickly determine the necessary pump hight and the best place to sink the pumps.

Renting and assembling pump equipment in Portugal

In the end, we assembled the pumps within 3 working days. For transport, we used the transport service of our sister company RECO. Before assembling the equipment, our mechanic was on location to instruct and supervise a team of mechanics from the client. The slope presented a challenge for the installation of the pumps. This required the crane truck to go down the steep slope to get as close to the lake as possible. Meanwhile, the pump installation is complete and in operation along the lakeshore.

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