Hire pipes

Hire pipework: kilometres of stock for every situation and pump

Thanks to our long-standing experience, more than 100 years, Eekels Pompen is prepared for every situation. Kilometres of piping are kept in stock at our sites; suitable for every situation and pump. Eekels Pompen uses steel and HDPE pipes. The pipes are generally 6 or 12 metres long. With accessories such as make-up pipe lengths, T pieces, bends and adapters, we lay a pipe run that matches your situation. What if the pipe run crosses a road, cycle path or footpath? We install pipe bridges to avoid inconveniencing traffic.

Certified industrial pipelines

Contaminated liquids that can damage normal pipelines are often present in industrial settings. Specifically for these kinds of situations, Eekels Pompen has steel and HDPE-certified pipes available. These pipes are resistant to hot and aggressive chemical liquids under high pressure. The certified pipes undergo regular inspections. So you know for certain that these high-quality pipelines are in top condition, and you can use them without second thoughts.

Your customised pipe run

Whatever the route your pipe run has to take, Eekels Pompen has the parts and equipment to install it. We have been privileged to complete many challenging projects in the past, ranging from a disaster response assignment in Zwijndrecht, where a major failure led to sewage water flooding, to keeping the river Meuse in Belgium navigable for inland shipping. Eekels Pompen employs more than 30 highly experienced fitters. We look closely at the situation for each project and, where applicable, analyse the specifications and drawings. If required, we visit the site to carry out a detailed assessment. Our engineers determine what you need and the route your pipe run will take. We also handle transport and assembly for you. And, last but certainly not least: you can count on our 24/7 service during the entire hire period. Would you like to know more about our HDPE and steel pipes, or hiring a pipe run or pipe bridge put together specifically for your situation? Call one of our specialists on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69 or request a quote!

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