Hire a pipe bridge

Material Diameter (mm) Length (m) Height (m)
Steel ø 250 12.00 4.50
Steel ø 300 9.00 4.50
Steel ø 300 6.00 4.50
Steel ø 250 6.00 4.50
Steel ø 150 9.00 4.50
Steel ø 300 9.00 2.80
Steel ø 250 9.00 4.50
Steel ø 200 6.00 4.50
Steel ø 200 12.00 4.50
Steel ø 200 9.00 4.50
Steel ø 150 6.00 4.50
Steel ø 300 12.00 4.50
Steel ø 150 12.00 4.50
Steel ø 300 6.00 2.80

Hire a pipe bridge: aerial support systems for a short pipe run without causing nuisance to traffic

When you pump liquids, you want to keep the pipe run as short as possible. Particularly when refurbishing sewage pipes, you are likely to encounter situations where temporary pipes and hoses need to cross the street. The pipe run always intersects roads, cycle paths and footpaths, driveways or car parks in these situations. To ensure an uninterrupted flow of traffic, we offer various solutions such as sturdy aerial support structures with different clearance heights and free passage widths. These pipe bridges can be installed quickly without blocking traffic for long periods of time. Take a look here at the range of suitable support piping for creating an aerial bridge over a road or contact us on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69. We discuss the situation with you to determine what you require for your pipe run and agree how we can install the pipe bridges without causing nuisance. This service lets you focus on your own work.

Practical examples of pipe bridges and aerial structures to span roads

At Eekels Pompen, we have long-standing experience in setting up pipe bridges and aerial structures to span roads in run-of-the-mill situations and at unique locations. Obviously, you can hire pipes and components for pipe bridges from us, however we can also install everything professionally for you from A to Z. Thanks to an experienced team of more than 30 fitters and our own vehicle fleet, we quickly and expertly build a pipe bridge or a custom aerial structure to span a road. We create pipe runs that extend for hundreds of metres, in a range of diameters. Even underwater pipe runs and aerial structures to span narrow alleys are possible! The photos show a number of memorable past projects involving pipe bridges and structures to span roads. We will be glad to help you with everything from work site assessment and calculation to assembly and 24/7 service!