Hire Eisele dry self-priming electric and diesel engine pumps

Extensive range of dry self-priming pumps and ATEX pumps

The German brand Eisele offers high-quality, dry self-priming pumps with an electric motor or diesel engine. Eisele also offers explosion-safe ATEX pumps. Eekels Pompen offers these centrifugal pumps for hire in various sectors and industries, ranging from the industry to the public sector. These Eisele pumps can be used for various applications, such as pumping water out of ditches or drainage work.

Een groene pomp van het merk Eisele

Why you should hire Eisele pumps from Eekels Pompen

We keep your pump in top condition so you can focus on your own core business! Take a look at our extensive range of Eisele pumps or contact one of our specialists.

Een groene pomp van het merk Eisele