Hire Grindex submersible pumps

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Extensive range of submersible building site dewatering and sludge pumps

The Swedish brand Grindex has produced pumps since 1960. Eekels Pompen offers more than 14 different Grindex building site drainage pumps. These pumps are commonly used in the civil, road and hydraulic engineering and the industry. Thanks to the air valve incorporated in the design, these submersible pumps can safely run dry and are convenient in use. They are particularly useful in situations where space is limited or where drainage of shallow water is required. Thanks to these features, Grindex pumps are a popular choice for civil engineering projects such as tunnel construction and canal construction. Grindex submersible building site drainage and sludge pumps are perfect for pumping away polluted water in construction and industrial settings.

Dompelpomp van het merk Grindex

Why hire Grindex pumps from Eekels? Here’s why!

We keep your pump in top condition so you can focus on your speciality! Take a look at our extensive range of Grindex pumps or contact one of our specialists.

Een Grindex bouwklokpomp die in gebruik is als drainagepomp bij een infraproject