Hire Ritz high-pressure pumps

High-pressure pumps for general industry and the public sector

Ritz has made top-quality German pumps since 1877. These centrifugal pumps are powered by a diesel engine. Eekels Pompen offers high-pressure pumps from this brand in its range of hire equipment. These compact pumps are a popular hire solution in the industry, where they are used for cleaning and flushing pipe systems or for testing storage tanks. In government projects, these hire pumps are mainly used as a emergency fire pump or as a booster pump.

Oranje waterpomp van het merk Ritz voert werkzaamheden in de marine en offshore

Why hire Ritz pumps from Eekels? Here’s why!

We keep your pump in top condition so you can focus on your speciality! Take a look at our Ritz pumps or contact our specialists.

Pompen van het merk Ritz op het terrein van Eekels Pompen.