Hire Wilden diaphragm pumps

Wilden T8

36 m3/hour
Lift height (m)
80 m
Drive system
Pressure side connection
2 " storzkoppeling nok 66
Suction side connection
2 " storzkoppeling nok 66
36 kg

ATEX and chemical pumps

Wilden makes robust pumps that are suitable for harmful and aggressive substances. Eekels Pompen has selected a number of diaphragm pumps from Wilden's unique range and offers them for hire. These pumps are ATEX certified. So the pumps can be used in explosion-safe environments. This makes them suitable for the petrochemical and chemical industry. In addition, we also have chemical pumps that have been specifically designed for pumping aggressive and corrosive substances. The pumps are dry self-priming and can be put into operation quickly.

Een ATEX- en chemiepomp van het merk Wilden

Why hire Wilden pumps from Eekels? Here’s why!

We keep your pump in top condition so you can focus on your speciality! Take a look at our Wilden pumps or contact our specialists.

Luchtgedreven  membraanpompen uit onze Chem-Line serie voor projecten in de industrie