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The leading hire specialist for dirty water pumps in the Netherlands and Belgium

Eekels Pompen is the right place to come for pump hire and complete temporary pump systems. With 1,000+ dirty water pumps, high-pressure pumps, dewatering pumps and more in our hire equipment range and 50+ pump specialists, we handle every aspect of engineering and assembling the complete pump system for you. What if you would prefer to pick up the pump and install it yourself? Eekels Pompen also offers this service. Thanks to pump equipment from leading brands like Hidrostal, Grindex, Betsy and Pioneer Pump, you are also assured of a safe and effective solution. Would you like more information about the hire pump range offered by Eekels Pompen? Take a look at our dirty water pumps.


Verschillene Betsy vuilwaterpompen staan klaar voor de verhuur

Available 24/7 and always close by in the event of an emergency

Do you urgently need a sewage water pump or emergency pump? Call +31 (0)180 69 69 69 immediately. We are there to help you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With 4 sites in the Netherlands and Belgium and our own transport service, we can react fast in emergencies.  

Een kraanwagen van onze eigen transportdienst staat bij een sluis

The 6 guarantees when you hire a dirty water pump from Eekels

Een pompmonteur van Eekels Pompen controleert een dieselmotorpomp

The result of 100 years of successful pump hire: 1,000+ polluted water pumps

At Eekels Pompen, we constantly strive to offer the best possible service in pump hire by progressively expanding our range. During the 100 years of Eekels, we have built up a range of more than 1,000 polluted water pumps. For example, small submersible sump pumps for general pumping tasks, but also large polluted water pumps with a capacity above 1,500 m3 per hour and dry self-priming diesel engine pumps to quickly start sucking up water.

The hire equipment range at Eekels Pompen includes screw centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps that are powered by both electric motors and diesel engines. Do you need an industrial pump for polluted, corrosive and aggressive liquids? We have included Chem-Line polluted water pumps in our range specifically for these applications. Do you want to set up a polluted water pump in an environment where explosive gases are present? We have the answer: spark-free ATEX pumps.

Een groep Betsy pompen staan gestapeld op voorraad, klaar voor de verhuur

From a single polluted water pump to a complete temporary pump system

In the pump hire sector, each project is unique and requires a suitable pump system. Do you want to pump away drainage water? If so, you hire submersible pumps. Do you need a pump to clean pipes? We hire out high-pressure pumps for this. Are you planning to refurbish a sewage pumping station? If so, we offer a selection of sewage water pumps such as submersible sludge pumps and dry self-priming wastewater pumps. Sometimes a single pump is enough, but a greater capacity is often required for large projects. In the latter case, our Engineering department puts together a temporary pump system for you. Use the selection tool to identify the right polluted water pump, or contact one of our pump specialists on +31 (0)180 69 69 69.

Een tijdelijke pompinstallatie staat opgesteld bij een project met een dieselmotorpomp en een dubbelwandige brandstofcontainer