Hire ATEX pumps

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Wilden T8

36 m3/hour
Lift height (m)
80 m
Drive system
Pressure side connection
2 " storzkoppeling nok 66
Suction side connection
2 " storzkoppeling nok 66
36 kg

Hire explosion-safe ATEX pumps

Some of the processes at petrochemical and chemical companies involve a high risk of explosion, e.g. when working with explosive gas mixtures. The areas around these processes are referred to as ‘ATEX zones’. Only ATEX certified equipment may be used inside these ATEX zones. Eekels Pompen hires out ATEX pumps that have been especially developed for this application. These pumps are explosion-proof and suitable for use in ATEX zone 1. Our ATEX range includes submersible pumps, self-priming pumps, dry self-priming pumps and air-driven pumps. These pumps are used for sewer bypasses during refurbishment work and pumping away chemical liquids in the industry.

Chemisch bestendige ATEX-pompen uit onze Chem-Line serie voor projecten in de industrie

Complete ATEX hire range

Besides the electric pump sets and submersible pumps, we also hire out a range of air-driven ATEX membrane pumps. We also have electric stainless steel pump sets for pumping corrosive liquid chemicals. Of course, besides the ATEX pumps, we also have ATEX-certified accessories. A good example of these are the GSM alarm units (II 2 G IIB T6 (zone 1)) for signalling breakdowns or the alarms on the electric pump sets. Would you like to know more about our certified ATEX range? Then check out our product range above or contact a specialist without obligation!

Een PP-44-Ex vuilwaterpomp van Pioneer Pumps voor ATEX-toepassingen