Hire chemical transfer pumps

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Hire Chem-Line pumps: chemical pumps for aggressive and corrosive liquids

Chemical liquids generally damage the internals of a pump. So you need a special chemical pump if you wish to pump this type of liquid. Eekels Pompen offers an extensive range of Chem-Line pumps, which have been especially designed and constructed to pump chemically polluted liquids without problems. They are ideal for the petrochemical and chemical industry. Our Chem-Line range includes submersible pumps, diaphragm pumps, dry self-priming electric and diesel engine pumps. The Chem-Line pumps are used for a wide range of tasks, ranging from pumping away chemical liquids to keeping sewer inspection chambers dry. There are also often used for sewer refurbishment work at chemical plants.

Een chemisch bestendige Betsy 125H Chem-Line dieselmotorpomp op voorraad

Specialist in hiring out chemical pumps and accessories

What makes Chem-Line pumps so unique? The answer lies in the materials used. The pump housing, the impeller, the gaskets and the seals are all designed specifically for pumping chemicals. In addition to chemical pumps, we also have a large inventory of certified chemical hoses and other accessories for completing your temporary Chem-Line pump installation. We offer a complete pump solution for industrial projects! Our range of chemical pumps run on a variety of different drive systems: diesel, electricity and compressed air. Would you like more info about our Chem-Line pumps, or would you like one of our specialists to put together a complete temporary pump installation for you? Take a look above at our range of chemical pumps or call us at +31 (0)180 69 69 69!

Een chemisch bestendige vuilwaterpomp uit onze Chem-Line serie voor projecten in de industrie