Hire dry self-priming diesel pumps

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Quickly deployable diesel engine pumps for building site applications and use in emergencies

Eekels Pompen offers an extensive range of dry self-priming diesel engine pumps. These polluted water pumps are used in a variety of situations, e.g. as a sewage pump, drainage pump, building site pump or emergency pump. As standard, the pumps are equipped with a vacuum system and a vacuum pump. There is no need to prime these pumps with water beforehand, so they can be deployed quickly.

Twee droogzelfaanzuigende Betsy 300 dieselmotorpompen op een bouwplaats

Betsy diesel-powered pumps: the most versatile polluted water pumps

Our Betsy pumps are mainly used for pumping highly contaminated water. These pumps automatically attain a powerful suction action of 8 to 9 metres of suction height or 70 to 100 metres of suction length. These diesel-powered, dry self-priming pumps are quick and easy to use. Eekels Pompen hires out these pumps for projects in various sectors, from civil, road and hydraulic engineering to government projects. The Betsy pumps can be used for a wide range of applications, from keeping construction sites, catch pits and basements dry to pumping bentonite and sludge. At Eekels Pompen, you can quickly and easily choose the right pump, and you can call on us for a free advisory meeting!

Een droogzelfaanzuigende dieselmotorpomp verpompt rioolwater in een woonwijk