Hire dry self-priming electric pumps

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Eisele BSE440 Ex

60 m3/hour
Lift height (m)
12 m
Drive system
Pressure side connection
3 " Perrot snelkoppeling DN80
Suction side connection
3 " Perrot snelkoppeling DN80

Low-noise electric pumps: economical and low-maintenance in use

Dry self-priming electric pumps are economical in use and require little maintenance. As a result, they are more cost-effective and ideal for lengthy projects. The dry self-priming electric pumps are often placed close to residential areas because they make very little noise, or in places where diesel engine pumps are not permitted. Eekels Pompen hires them out in a variety of sectors, ranging from civil, road and hydraulic engineering to government projects. The polluted water pumps are versatile: suitable for keeping building sites, sewer inspection chambers and basements dry and even for pumping bentonite and sludge. Eekels Pompen offers you the information you need to put together your complete pump easily and quickly and is always ready to help with advice!

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