Eisele BSE440 Ex hire

The Eisele BSE440 Ex is an electric, dry self-priming pump with ATEX certification. It is used as a polluted water pump in industry. The Eisele BSE440 Ex is fitted with an explosion-safe 3 kW electric motor. As a result, this centrifugal pump has a capacity of 60 m³ per hour and a lift height of 12 metres. This ATEX pump develops excellent suction. Furthermore, the pump can run dry for extended periods because it is equipped with an oil cooling jacket. Initial filling with water is not required in the case of this dry self-priming unit, so the pump can be put into service easily and quickly.

The Eisele BSE440 Ex is a fully-fledged ATEX certified pump. The pump is explosion-proof and therefore suitable for use in ATEX zones. The Eisele BSE440 Ex is used for a variety of applications, ranging from drainage work to pumping away industrial water at petrochemical and chemical sites. Eekels Pompen hires out this centrifugal pump in a variety of sectors, ranging from industry to government projects. The electric Eisele BSE440 Ex polluted water pump is economical in use, so it is the ideal hire option if you have access to mains electricity.

Propulsion system

Powered by
Motor power
3.00 kW
Rotational speed
1460 rpm
Electrical connection
400V / 3-fase / 50 Hz


1070 mm
950 mm
780 mm


60 m³/h
12 m
Connection (discharge side)
3 " Perrot snelkoppeling DN80
Connection (suction side)
3 " Perrot snelkoppeling DN80
Free passage
19 mm


Specification sheet
Lift height (m)
Performance chart for
Capacity (m3/hour)