Hidrostal H5K MH hire

The electric H5K MH from Hidrostal is a versatile, dry self-priming pump that is mounted in a container. It is equipped with a switch box and level control. The H5K MH is used as a polluted water pump. This centrifugal pump has an electric motor rated at 45 kW. As a result, the pump has a capacity of 576 m³ per hour and a lift height of 55 metres. The H5K MH is equipped with a vacuum system and a vacuum pump. This pump, which is suitable for dry mounting, guarantees you powerful suction performance, equating to a suction height of 8 to 9 metres or a suction pipe length of between 70 and 100 metres. There is no need to fill this dry self-priming pump up with water beforehand.

Thanks to the large free passage size in this wastewater pump, it is capable of pumping water containing solids such as sewage water. As a result, this pump is the perfect solution for sewer system refurbishment projects or setting up a bypass around a sewage pumping plant. Eekels hires out the H5K MH in a variety of sectors, ranging from civil, road and hydraulic engineering to government projects. The H5K MH pump is extremely easy to install, so it is an ideal hire option if you have access to mains electricity. The electric H5K MH is supplied as a sound-attenuated unit as standard.

Propulsion system

Powered by
Motor power
45.00 kW
Rotational speed
1480 rpm
Electrical connection
400V / 3-fase / 50 Hz
I nom
80 A


2440 mm
2200 mm
2260 mm
2500 kg


576 m³/h
55 m
Connection (discharge side)
6 "
Connection (suction side)
10 "
Free passage
95 mm


Specification sheet
Lift height (m)
Performance chart for
Capacity (m3/hour)