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Self-priming pumps with a high discharge pressure

High-pressure pumps displace water, such as a surface water, at an extra high discharge pressure. Eekels Pompen offers a wide range of high-pressure pumps for hire in a variety of applications and sectors. These pumps are self-priming as standard, and many of them are also dry-prime designs. As a result, the pump can be deployed faster for your project. Use the Eekels Pompen website to put together your complete pump system or contact us for an advisory meeting.

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Industrial pumps for flushing and testing

High-pressure pumps are frequently used in industry. These pumps are ideal for tank testing, as cooling-water pumps and for flushing pipes. In addition, Eekels Pompen also hires out these pumps as temporary fire pumps and as overhead irrigation pumps, for example, for watering playing fields in the summer. Does your temporary pump system require greater pressure? Then use the high-pressure pump as a booster pump. This gives you greater pressure, for bridging greater distances for example.

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