Pioneer Pump PP-10-75-GG hire

The PP-10-75-GG high-pressure pump from Pioneer Pump is a compact water pump with a high lift height of 100 metres. This centrifugal pump has a pumping capacity of 208 m3 per hour. The PP-10-75-GG high-pressure pump is dry self-priming thanks to the built-in vacuum system. Thanks to this system, the pump can be switched on almost immediately. This makes it suitable as a temporary irrigation pump or as a fire fighting pump for jetting water. 

We often hire the PP-10-75-GG pumps out to the industry and infrastructure sector, e.g. for filling and pressure-testing pipelines and storage tanks during a tank test. In the summer, the high-pressure pumps are often hired out for spraying parts of bridges and roads to cool them down, or for watering playing fields. Tank testing and flushing and cleaning pipe systems are easy tasks for this high-pressure pump, thanks to the high lift height. In hydraulic engineering, self-priming high-pressure pumps are often hired by customers when installing piles and sheet piling. 

Propulsion system

Powered by
Motor power
55.00 kW
Rotational speed
2150 rpm
Fuel tank
440 l
Fuel consumption
15 l/h


2600 mm
1090 mm
1980 mm
2500 kg


208 m³/h
102 m
Connection (discharge side)
4 " flens
Connection (suction side)
6 " flens
Free passage
10 mm
Lift height (m)
Performance chart for
Capacity (m3/hour)