Hire submersible pumps

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Submersible hire pumps from Hidrostal and Grindex

Are you looking for a submersible pump for pumping untreated sewage water, sludge or dirty surface water? For example, at a sewage pumping station, or in a cofferdam? Look no further: Eekels Pompen offers a range of hire equipment that includes submersible pumps from leading brands such as Hidrostal and Grindex. Thanks to expert assistance provided by our pump specialists and the availability of an extensive range, you can be sure of hiring the best submersible pump for your project. In our hire pump range, you can find an extensive choice of submersible pumps, such as dewatering pumps for building sites, sludge pumps, Ex pumps, wear-resistant pumps and pumps for sewer applications. Do you want to know which submersible pump is the best hire choice for you? Or would you like our advice on using submersible pumps to set up a temporary pump system? Please contact our pump specialists on +31 (0)180 69 69 69. We will be glad to help.

Een Grindex bouwklokpomp die in gebruik is als drainagepomp voor regenwater bij een infraproject

Submersible pumps: the most important advantages and features

  • Easy set-up
  • No risk of suction problems
  • Compact and robust for any situation
  • Underwater pumps for pumping up groundwater, surface water and drainage water.
  • Clog-free sewage pumps for untreated wastewater such as sewage.
  • Wear-resistant submersible drainage pumps for abrasive sand mixtures.
  • Suitable for pumping sludge and dredge spoil containing bentonite.
De hidrostal E5K-S rioolklokpomp in pompt vuilwater omhoog