Hidrostal I16K-SS hire

The I16K-SS sewage water pump from Hidrostal dwarfs all the other submersible pumps in our hire pump range. This clog-free screw centrifugal pump is easily capable of displacing 3060 m3 of untreated wastewater per hour. Furthermore, the I16K-SS offers several unique features for applications such as cooling water systems and temporary pump systems for bypassing pumping stations. The polluted water pump has an exceptionally large free passage size of 180 millimetres, a relatively high lift height up to a maximum of 34 metres and can be equipped with a vacuum pump for operation in a dry self-priming configuration. The electric motor is cooled by oil circulating in a jacket, so the pump can also be set up in a completely dry area. 

Hidrostal sewage water pumps are the best submersible pumps for pumping sewage water and viscous mixtures. Consequently, the versatile I16K-SS wastewater pump is also hired out regularly for sewer system projects such as pumping station maintenance. Other submersible pumps that are frequently used for these applications include the F6K-H, the F10K-HD and the H12K-SS. The I16K-SS is also often used to pump away surface water in government projects as part of a surface water bypass arrangement. In the marine and offshore industry, this pump is hired out for ship salvage. In addition, this large pump is a popular hire option in the industry for cooling water applications to cool machines and materials. The I16K-SS is controlled from a control container. The level control system and fault monitor are also located here. 

Propulsion system

Powered by
Rotational speed
970 rpm
Electrical connection
400V / 3-fase / 50 Hz
I nom
262 A


1350 mm
2950 mm
2690 kg


3060 m³/h
34 m
Connection (discharge side)
400 mm flens
Free passage
180 mm


Specification sheet
Lift height (m)
Performance chart for
Capacity (m3/hour)