Hire wellpoint dewatering pumps

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Geho ZD-900-E

95 m3/hour
Lift height (m)
20 m
Drive system
Pressure side connection
4 " V-deel snelkoppeling
Suction side connection
4 " V-deel snelkoppeling
1300 kg

Reliable wellpoint drainage pumps for all your drainage work

Lowering the groundwater level is a task best tackled with drainage pumps from Eekels Pompen. These pumps extract groundwater and divert it away through a pipe. They can suck up both air and water. So you can be sure of a dry project site. The wellpoint drainage pumps are self-priming. The pump housing has to be filled once initially, after that they are ready for use. Our drainage pumps are extremely reliable. They require little maintenance and can run almost unsupervised, even when used in the toughest circumstances. These pumps feature a double-action piston design for quiet and continuous wellpoint drainage. In addition, they are sound-attenuated and develop a consistent high vacuum to ensure good air pocket handling. The pumps can be used for all kinds of drainage work, ranging from wellpoint drainage to vacuum dewatering. Consequently, Eekels Pompen hires the wellpoint drainage pumps out to a variety of sectors, ranging from civil, road and hydraulic engineering to the public sector.