Geho ZD-600 hire

The Geho ZD-600 is a wellpoint drainage pump that is powered by a 5.5 kW diesel engine. The ZD-600 has a capacity of 60 m³ per hour and a lift height of 20 metres. The pump is easy to set up and self-priming. So it can be used immediately after initially filling the pump housing. The wellpoint drainage pump operates at a consistent high vacuum to effectively process air pockets.

Thanks to the consistent high vacuum and good air pocket handling characteristics, the pump is not only used for wellpoint drainage projects, but is also a popular choice for general dewatering work and soil remediation. Eekels Pompen hires out the ZD-600 in a variety of sectors, ranging from civil, road and hydraulic engineering to industry. The pump is supplied as a sound-attenuated unit as standard.

Propulsion system

Powered by
Motor power
5.50 kW
Rotational speed
1500 rpm
Fuel tank
200 l
Fuel consumption
1 l/h


2700 mm
800 mm
1100 mm


60 m³/h
20 m
Connection (discharge side)
4 " Perrot
Connection (suction side)
4 " Perrot


Specification sheet
Lift height (m)
Performance chart for
Capacity (m3/hour)