Hire reliable dirty water pumps for civil engineering projects

Save time and money with reliable pumps for contractors

Save time and money with the temporary pump systems offered by Eekels Pompen. We know that project continuity is essential in civil engineering projects involving earthworks, road construction and hydraulic engineering. Whether you need a pump for a short period or an extended period, for civil engineering works or for sewer construction and refurbishment works, when you come to us you are guaranteed fast availability of a reliable pump for your construction project. When you hire a polluted water pump from Eekels, you are guaranteed a high-quality and modern machine without maintenance worries. Each pump is thoroughly checked and inspected before it leaves our yard. Our polluted water pumps can be equipped with GSM alarm units. These units alert our 24/7 troubleshooting team in the event of alarms and faults and we take quick action to fix the problem.

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Hire a building site pump: numerous options

With 1,000+ building site pumps in our hire equipment range, you can always find a suitable pump for your project, ranging from diesel engine and submersible pumps to diaphragm and dewatering pumps. Diesel engine pumps are ideal hire pumps for general contractor work. The pumps can be put into operation quickly because pre-filling with water is not required. Our Betsy polluted water pumps are used to pump away highly polluted water such as sewage water from inspection chambers. In addition, we also have an extensive selection of Grindex building site drainage pumps for pumping away slightly turbid water in cofferdams or trenches. Thanks to a complete package of pipes, hoses and fittings, you can easily and quickly find the right dewatering pump at Eekels.

Temporary pump systems in civil engineering

Whatever the task - pumping surface water, refurbishment or new construction of sewage or polder pumping stations, a sewer bypass, or work at a sewage treatment - the temporary pump systems from Eekels are reliable solutions and specifically designed for your project. We specialise in all aspects of implementing and managing small and large projects. From engineering to start-up! Everything is worked out in a detailed plan, so that you know which pump and accessories we are going to use. On request, we equip our pumps with a telemetry system: the Eekels Monitoring System (EMS). The EMS allows us to monitor, set and control pumps remotely and read data. In addition, pump control units can be equipped with data loggers to automatically measure and store readings relating to flow, pressure and levels. These resources ensure that we can intervene 24/7 in the event of faults.

Emergencies? 24/7 troubleshooting team with purpose-designed vehicles

Responding fast in emergencies is hugely important. So we are always ready and available 24/7 to help you get the situation under control. Thanks to our experience, we can assess your situation very quickly and take adequate action. For example, we can offer a pump solution in a matter of hours. When you come to Eekels Pompen, you benefit from a hire fleet of 1,000 pumps, 30 experienced fitters and 100 years of experience.

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