Robust underwater and diesel engine pumps for the Marine & Offshore sector

High-pressure pumps that keep a cool head in the toughest conditions

The harsh conditions in the marine and offshore sector subject both equipment and workers to extreme duress. Our robust pumping equipment is ideal for challenging work at sea. For example, pumping bentonite, jetting cable trenches, jetting cables into the seabed or for lowering caissons for wind turbines. Because projects at sea are often unique, Eekels offers a fast on-site assessment service.

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Safety first: submersible and diesel engine pumps, and certified fitters

Each of our pumps is extensively checked and inspected before leaving our yard. Our pumps can be equipped with GSM alarm units. These units alert our 24/7 service troubleshooting team in the event of alarms or faults and we can act quickly to fix the problem. Eekels Pompen employs more than 30 experienced certified fitters. By deploying high-quality pumps and expert staff, we ensure that every project runs smoothly and safely.

Hire equipment for disaster response and 24/7 service

24/7 service is part of our DNA at Eekels Pompen. So we offer this service when you hire a submersible pump from us, and also when you have to respond to an emergency. Fast action in an emergency is hugely important. So we are available 24/7 to help you get the situation under control. Thanks to our experience, we can assess your situation very quickly and take adequate action. So we can provide a pump solution almost immediately!

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