Temporary pump systems for water boards, water treatment authorities and municipalities

The public sector holds no secrets for us

When you say temporary pump system, many water boards, sewage treatment boards and municipalities immediately think of: Eekels Pompen! This close partnership for pump hire did not simply drop out of the blue: it is the result of years of collaboration based on expert engineering, assembly and 24/7 service. We know the requirements in the public sector, so we use SCC** certified fitters, install the TPS in line with a detailed work plan and deploy our emergency service to keep our fish-friendly pump systems running day and night. Eekels has already considered all the requirements you include in your specifications to meet your responsibilities as a water authority or municipality. A reassuring thought!


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Fault-free dirty water pumps

When you hire a temporary pump system, you expect fault-free and low-maintenance polluted water pumps. Each of our pumps is thoroughly checked and inspected before it leaves our yard. Our polluted water pumps can be equipped with GSM alarm units. These units alert our 24/7 troubleshooting team in the event of alarms or faults and we can act quickly to fix the problem.

Advance planning for maximum water management control: contingency plans

A pumping station or water purification plant can fail unexpectedly, pipes can burst without warning and heavy rainfall can occur unpredictably. All these events have one thing in common: they are never convenient. So drawing up a disaster response plan beforehand is a good precaution and you know who you can count on. Many water boards and municipalities have selected Eekels Pompen as their partner for supplying emergency pumps in disaster response situations. Do you know in advance when you are going to carry out risky maintenance work? If so, it is always advisable to reserve emergency pumps as a back-up beforehand. All kinds of options are open to you and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your disaster response plan. 

Emergencies? 24/7 troubleshooting team with purpose-designed vehicles

Responding fast in emergencies is hugely important. So we are always ready and available 24/7 to help you get the situation under control. Thanks to our experience, we can assess your situation very quickly and take adequate action. For example, we can offer a pump solution in a matter of hours. When you come to Eekels Pompen, you benefit from a hire fleet of 1,000 pumps, 30 experienced fitters and 100 years of experience.

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