24/7 service and troubleshooting team for hire pumps

Do you need an emergency pump fast to handle an emergency situation or breakdown? The service department at Eekels Pompen is permanently manned to ensure that you can have a disaster-response pump placed in just hours, 365 days a year. We can be reached 24 hours a day and can install a pump within a few hours of the initial request in most emergency situations. Our pumps are equipped with an alarm unit and communicate 24/7 with our troubleshooting team. This ensures that we carry out preventive maintenance on time to avoid faults and emergencies.

Urgent problem? Simply call + 31 (0)180 69 69 69!

The 4 advantages of our troubleshooting and emergency services:

  • Available 24/7 for urgent deliveries and troubleshooting faults
  • Fault prevention using telemetry for temporary pumps
  • Fast response with more than 30 fitters
  • Fast on-site delivery with our own vehicles
Eekels Pompen vrachtwagen vervoerd tijdelijke pompinstallatie voor de klant

Precautions and pump maintenance

Any piece of mechanical equipment can malfunction. This is also true of our pumps. Fortunately, these pumps are well protected and the stoppages that occur are often caused by activation of the safety system. As soon as a fault occurs, our 24/7 troubleshooting team receives an alert via telemetry. Because we have our own transport service, we are able to quickly visit the site to fix the fault.

When hiring out large pump systems, we can built in extra capacity to allow continued operation if a fault occurs. In that case, we install a spare pump in the temporary pump system to compensate for the lost capacity in the event of a fault.

Servicemonteur houdt telefonisch contact met de opdrachtgever bij een storing

Telemetry: automatic fault alert

Nearly all the pumps in our range can be fitted with alarm units. These alarm units use an integral GSM modem to inform our troubleshooting team as soon as a fault occurs. When this happens, we immediately send a team to your location and report the matter to the designated contact at your company. This procedure ensures that Eekels Pompen can react fast to prevent greater damage.

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Pompmonteur installeert een storingsmelder bij tijdelijke pompinstallatie, zodat er snel geschakeld kan worden bij storing.

Practical example of a real-life emergency: Burst sewer pipe in Zwijndrecht

A sewer discharge pipe had burst in the centre of Zwijndrecht. This led to the appearance of a 3-metre deep crater in a short period of time and the sewage water inundated the street. Just a couple of hours after the initial telephone request, our team arrived at the location with a pump system. The pump system consisted of large 12” diesel engine pump sets and two 300-metre long, parallel discharge pipes. A pipe bridge was found to be necessary to keep a main arterial road open to traffic. The fast intervention of our fitting team prevented a great deal of damage to the street and surrounding area.

Urgent problem? Simply call + 31 (0)180 69 69 69!

Eekels Pompen plaatst leidingwerk in de nacht met kraanwagen