Calculation and engineering for pump hire projects

Hire requests for large and complex temporary pump systems are handled by an internal project office at Eekels Pompen. They are responsible for configuring custom systems for challenging projects. For example, projects that require a very large pumping capacity, or where the water level changes regularly. Thanks to more than 100 years of experience and our extensive hire equipment range of over 1,000 pumps, our specialists expertly select the right pump system for every project.

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The 4 advantages of our calculation service for pump hire:

  • Expert advice for each pump request, based on our in-house knowledge and experience
  • Custom-designed temporary pump systems for challenging projects
  • Greater operational reliability because the pump system is put together and checked by a professionally qualified pump specialist
  • Immediate answers to technical issues thanks to direct communication with the project office
Close-up van een tijdelijke pompinstallatie met drie zware vuilwaterpompen bij open water.

Pump equipment request handled by a specialist, and work site assessment

Eekels Pompen is available 24/7 for pump requests and advice. When you first call us, we immediately ask you questions to gain as complete a picture as possible of your situation. We use the information to decide whether we can send a pump directly to your location, or whether you require a temporary pump system consisting of multiple pumps. If a temporary pump system is required we get our project office involved.

Calculation and advice when you hire loose items

Do you know exactly what you need and do you want to connect up the pumps yourself? If so, you can also hire loose items of pump equipment from Eekels Pompen. You can still contact our project office for additional advice in this situation though. Next, you can decide whether you want the pump equipment delivered by our transport service or make an appointment to pick it up from one of our Locations.

Pompmonteurs van Eekels Pompen bespreken een project op locatie aan het water

Transparent calculations and pricing

Our project office puts together a suitable temporary pump system based on an overview of your project. After they have completed all the calculations, you receive a quote that specifies all the details of the selected system. It provides all the information you need about the pumping equipment and its performance. So you know exactly where you stand.

What if you have questions about the specifications and the choice of pump equipment? Our pump specialists will be glad to answer your questions. Furthermore, the same pump specialist acts as your direct point of contact during the entire process. Thanks to the short lines of communication in our organisation, we can answer most questions immediately. Put us to the test and ask your question via +31 (0)180 69 69 69.

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Een tijdelijke pompinstallatie met drie pompen op locatie, aangesloten met leidingwerk